Comics and video games go hand in hand in quite a few techniques, so it’s a natural progression to take well known video game franchises and transform them into video game comics. Over the years, we’ve seen many video games represented in comic book kind from kid-friendly books for instance Sonic the Hedgehog, to gritty and more mature titles like Halo and Metal Gear.

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The comparisons between comics and video games incorporates the vibrant characters, vast worlds and inventive environments that visually take readers and players out of their humdrum lives into these fantasy worlds rich with adventure and intrigue. And video game comics would be the marriage of these two unique worlds. Video game comics take the highly effective and innovative ideas and characters of video games and place them inside a medium that may be literally limitless in the events that will take spot. Video games, like motion pictures, are restricted by budgets and technology, but video game comics take these games to a totally unique level.

Visualize the enormous 3-D worlds of Halo plus the interaction amongst reside players in game play. Now take that notion and add a strong story line and new environments not limited by the restrictions of the game’s capabilities. Certain, it’s a different kind of knowledge, but video game comics give a supplemental form of entertainment beyond, in some strategies, what the games themselves offer you.

Look in the good results of a publisher like Udon, who specializes in translating Capcom video games into video game comics. Chiefly focusing on Street Fighter II adaptations, the enterprise has branched the game out into numerous video game comics for instance Street Fighter: Legends, Sakura, Street Fighter II Turbo and much more. Like the animated movies and cartoons, the video game comics take the stories and characters beyond words on a screen and endless one-on-one fights inside a tournament. And besides the Street Fighter video game comics, you can find also video game comics based on Darkstalkers and Rival Schools out of Udon.

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Major Cow took the ever well-liked on the web game City of Heroes and developed video game comics exploring the possibilities that could occur in those on-line worlds. Other video games that have been presented in comic form involve Resident Evil, Planet of Warcraft, Warhammer and several additional! Video game comics are a fresh strategy to expand your gaming practical experience.


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