LED tunnel lights have many unique features than the traditional tunnel lights

July 2, 2014-UK-In some long distance tunnel, the straight tube fluorescent lamps have good visual linear illumination because of its high color rendering. But this kind lamp has very short service life which is typically only about 8,000 hours so people need to regularly replace them. In that case, the maintaining cost for the tunnel will be greatly increased. In addition, fluorescent lamp has very less power but the region of entrance and outlet require higher illumination. However, the led tunnel light could fully meet with these demands.

In recent years, with the matured of the induction lamp technology, induction lamp will have a longer service life compared to traditional fluorescent lamp. This kind of lamp can also be done to more power type which makes the discharge lamp has more advantages in the lighting situations in the tunnel. However, the discharge lamp has larger luminous surface and the low optical efficiency. However, the LED tunnel lights from outdoor tennis court light manufacturer and supplier Shenzhen Green Light New Energy integrate all these advantages of high-pressure sodium lamps, straight tube fluorescent lamps and various induction lamps. That could be said the ideal light source in the tunnel lighting situation. The main advantages of the LED tunnel lights could be reflected on points below.

High luminous efficiency

Currently, the luminous efficiency of the single-chip 1W LED can reach to the maximum 100lm/w or more. Because it is the one side lighting fixtures in the design process, it can reach to very high luminaire efficiency throughout all optical system.

Long service life

Under the reasonable conditions for thermal design and power driving, the LED tunnel lamp can have up to 50,000 to 70,000 hours of life. For lighting applications of 24 hours lighting tunnel, the application of this kind of lamp can greatly reduce the maintenance costs and it can also short the period of returning.

Excellent lighting source

Due to the small size of the light-emitting, single-sided light and strong directional lighting source, this kind of lamp can easily fit a lens or reflector to achieve better light distribution. This could not only to improve the utilization of the lamp efficiency but also ensure good lighting uniformity.

Intelligent lighting control

The application of LED lamps can help to achieve stepless dimming (www.ip67led.com). The operator could change the brightness of the tunnel lighting by the brightness of the hole. This feature could full play the technical characteristics of LED tunnel light. This could further enhance energy savings and then achieve intelligent tunnel lighting.

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