Advantages, materials and application of the high quality pall ring from NINGBO T.C.I

July 11, 2014-Ningbo, China-As the foundation of the Raschig rings, the releasing of newly mist eliminator makes big improvements. Although the outer diameter of the Pall ring is also equal to the height, the wall of the ring has been equipped with two rows of windows with inner expanding tongues. As the introduction of technician from NINGBO T.C.I CO., LTD which is the famous manufacturer and supplier for tower packing and tower internals, each aperture contain five tongues. This structure improves the gas-liquid distribution of the inner surface of the storage tower and it could fully take advantage of the inner surface of the ring.

Generally speaking, compared with the traditional Raschig rings, the totally handling capacity of the newly released Pall ring will be more than 50 percent than the Raschig. After the increasing of the handling capacity, the inner pressure will be reduced by half.

The generally used materials for the tri pack are metal, plastic and ceramic. The metal materials of the pall ring include the 304, 316, 316 L, carbon steel, 201,410 and so on. The plastic materials normally include the PP, RPP, CPVC, PVDF, PVC, PTFE, FEP, PFA and other liked materials. The plastic pall ring could be generally divided into three shapes which are rice-shaped, # shape, shape of sign for addition and other shape. The ceramic material is one sort of new material for the pall ring. In addition to the purely ceramic material, the so called ceramic pall ring also includes other elements such as the metal material.

As the mainly applying purpose of the Pall ring, there are many factors we need to say. The plastic pall ring could be especially suitable for the low temperature stripping, absorption, scrubber and carbon dioxide degassing tower in industrial areas such as petroleum, chemical, chlor-alkali, gas and environmental protection. Beside the above description, it could also be used for the working of other sorts of reaction towers.

For the ceramic material pall ring, this sort of pall ring could be suitable for the contact filler of carbon dioxide degassing tower mist purification tower, ozone contact reaction tower and other kind of reaction tower ( This is because the ceramic material has very strong resistance for the acid and other sorts of substances which has strong effect of corrosion.

When it refers to the normally used metal pall ring, the technician from NINGBO T.C.I CO., LTD should say that the metal pall ring has the most widely application. This kind of pall ring should be suitable for the vacuum distillation column and process the heat-sensitive, easily decomposed, easy polymerization and easy knotted carbon materials.

If people want to know more information about the related components in the reaction tower, please visit the official website of NINGBO T.C.I.


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